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If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

TV becuz i barely watch it and i need music to survive and i'm addicted to my phone
You're the Tortured Intellectual!
You're the Tortured Intellectual!
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You're sensitive, you're emotional, and you wonder why everyone else in the world exists on a different plane. You cannot eat, breathe, or sleep without analyzing each action to death. You're usually sombre, depressed, lethargic, but you can be nearly glad from time to time. You wear whatever you can find on your cluttered bedroom floor. You carry books, notepads, reading glasses with you wherever you go. You have friends, but only a few who truly get where you're coming from. You frequent coffee shops, libraries, and the less crowded bars. You're obsessed with past people, past ideas, past lives. You wish you could die and be reborn as Jack Kerouac.
i fucking hate you! i hate how everything bad to you is my fault, and everything is your own. honestly it's generally the opposite. i hate how you try to guilt me. it won't work. you're fucking bipolar bitch. one moment it's oh yea we get along well, the next it's get the fuck outta here before i hit you. i just wish i could hit you. you don't get it, and quite frankly i think you never will. you are selfish and i wish i had nothing to do with you. i wish i could just run away from it all, from you. this isn't how life is supposed to be. well nothing is as it's supposed to be anymore, is it? just fuck off, and leave me the fuck alone. bitch.

Writer's Block: Like a rolling stone

Which musicians of the last two decades have had the most lasting impact on music as we know it today?

1990-2010. i think def. blink-182 bcuz pop-punk would not be what it is without them, and pop-punk is almost the entirety of decent mainstream music. also jimmy eat world bcuz they sorta created emo-pop which i dont really like but they are an inspiration to tons of bands out there including paramore who are huge atm. also nevershoutnever has created this ukecore phenomenon with others such as stephen jerzak following dutifully.

truu sai.

Sing It Loud's Everything Collide

so today i downloaded sing it loud's new album even thou it doesnt come out till tues. i just finished listening to it and i must say its pretty good. for a pop album at least. i must say it's fairly catchy without being overly cheesy and too reliant on pop hooks. the only problem is i just finished listening to it 30 seconds ag and i cant remember any songs other than sugar sweet which doesnt count because ive had the ingle for a while. though the first time i heard sugar sweet it was stuck in my head for a while. the album is more of a background noise type album to me. made for listening to while doing homework, not so much an album that you can really get into.

do i recommend you purchase it if u are a fan of soft pop/punk? yes!

ashland high

so this is a pathetic little blog about music. mainstream music. shoot me now lol. haha this is the first time i have felt compelled to blog on myspace, but i decided i would rather on livejournal. it's about metro station and ashland high. so metro station broke up a while ago and since them ashland high has been around. while ive been really bored lately so i finally listened to there song french kiss. wat i dont understand is why people keep saying metro station is better. i guess to maintream audiences it is but thats not me. and have you seen trace cyrus, obviously he isnt either, like i have a pic of metro station where trace is wearing an acacia strain shirt, i doubt metro station's little girl fans would like that.anyways what im trying to say is ashland high is more of a jeffree star, blood on the dance floor sound infact when i first heard it the first thing i thought of was botdf and then i got a strong urge to listen to jeffree star. what im saying is is that ashland high is perfect for the 'scene kids' the people who know internet celebs nad like are fnas of the internet celebs electronic type of music.

thats all

--xoxo stacey vegas